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Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs Privacy Policy and Consent to Disclosure of Personal InformationOn behalf of Small and Medium Enterprise and Startup Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs , Taipei Computer Association (“TCA”) holds the event based on the project of Development for corporate startup engagement (“the Project”). Pursuant to the Personal Information Protection Act and TCA’s privacy and confidentiality policies, we hereby inform you about the TCA’s privacy practices, and describe the disclosure of various information we may collect, use, and store from you with respect to your participation of this event (“the information”). By signing the form (or clicking “I Agree”), you agree to the following:
The information we collect from you includes your name, gender, email address, cell phone number, and company name.
The information shall be used for the following purposes: Within the scope of the Project, to provide the notification of services, such as, to establish the event confirmation, identity verification, to transmit event or related industry information, or to be used for internal data statistics and analysis.
Within the scope of the Project, TCA may operate its business, provide services and share the information with private entities or related government agencies.
TCA shares information only as Article 1 & 2 described to the above third parties that are either subject to this “Privacy Policy Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information” contract or a privacy policy at least as enforceable as effective as the “Privacy Policy Consent to Disclosure of Personal Information” contract.
The information shall be available to such parties stated above within Taiwan’s jurisdiction until the completion of the aforementioned collection purposes.
In accordance with Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, you may exercise inquiries or request for a review, make duplications, supplement or amend, delete or discontinue the usage of the information. Whether you request for deleting the information or opt-out of receiving emails or not, TCA reserves the right to communicate with you via email with respect to identity verification, important contact confirmation, notices or changes arising out of or related to this event. To protect mutual rights and interests, TCA will retain communication history of your deleting request as a record for future reference.
Please make sure the information on record is correct. Therefore, you have a choice whether or not to provide information; however, if you fail to provide certain information some features or functionality of this event, as well as, the following ones in the future shall become unavailable to you. Unavailable services may include, but not limited to, receive important event notice, customer services, ordinary contact, promotional email and participate related activities.
If you need additional assistance or the aforementioned requests, please contact us during our office hours.
Contact information: Office hours: Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Phone: +886-2-2602-6129 ext.1911 Email:
I have read and acknowledged the above circumstances; and, I agree the information provided can be collected, processed, and used, as stated above.