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Web Accessibility Design of this website

This website is based on the design principle of accessibility and uses keyboard shortcuts to strengthen the browsing convenience Layout is divided in 3 areas:

  • 1. main menu zone at the top
  • 2. the content zone at the center
  • 3. the menu zone on the left side (part of the pages)
  • 4. the menu zone on the right side (part of the pages)
  • 5. the menu zone at the bottom

The Accesskeys (shortcut key) used by this site are designated as follows:

Alt + U: The top of the main menu links area. Include mainly home, sitemap, website link, language.

Alt + C: Main content area shows the content of each page.

Alt + L: Navigating function area at left side, this frame lists the main links of this website.

Alt + R: Navigating function area at right side, this frame has some special functions on the page. (Ex. Event calendar)

Alt + B: Bottom link area of this website, include main navigation.

※Note - The way of accessing the shortcut key is varying in different browsers:

Firefox:Alt + Shift + accesskey

Mac:Control + Alt + accesskey

Tab: Pauses after this label, may move using the Tab key to the content page glances over this material.

Tab + Shift: Presses Tab + Shift to be possible the round trip migration to the previous material.