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Business Registration

  • Question:What is the minimum capital amount of a company? How to prepare fund certification?

    The restriction on the minimum capital amount for registration of company setup has been rescinded. You may apply for company setup registration regardless of the capital amount. As required by Article 7 of the Company Act and the Regulations on Auditing the Application for Registered Capital Amount of Companies, the capital amount certificate shall be first audited by CPA, and auditor’s report, power of attorney, and the balance sheet audited by CPA as of the basis date of paid-in capital shall be attached thereto. Relevant list of details and capital certificate according to kinds and natures of capital shall have a cover and be bound along left side into book for the process of registration.

  • Question:How to inquire whether the company name is repeated with others'?

    You can take the pre-inspection of company name to avoid the same company name as other. First go to Commerce Industrial Service Portal – Commerce Industrial Inquiry Services – Company Registration Inquiry – Company Name and Business Line Pre-inspection Auxiliary System Inquiry. The inquiry results indicate the auxiliary screening based on your input of word as comparative condition. However, the name that may be actually used shall be subject to the application procedure and subject to the approval of Central Office of Ministry of Economic Affairs.

  • Question:Is the company's name required to be related to its business line?

    No. Except for banking industry, security industry, and travel industry which are restricted by other special law, the company name is not mandatorily required to describe the kind of its business. If the company name describes the kind of its business pertaining to “franchised business”, its business line must include such franchised business.  

  • Question:How to pay the fee of application for company registration?

     In case of online application, credit card, bank card and chip card (card reader must be installed) may be selected for the payment. In case of hard-copy application, payment may be made at the counter or by mail. If payment by mail is used, the fee may be paid by postal order or sight check.

  • Question:How to inquire the information on investment by overseas Chinese?

    An investor of foreign national or overseas Chinese intending to establish a company in Taiwan shall apply to the Investment Commission, MOEA first. After the approval of the application and the verification of investment amount are granted, such investor may proceed with the company setup registration. For relevant information, please access the website of the Investment Commission, MOEA for referring requirements of “Statue for Investment by Foreign Nationals”, “Statute for Investment by Overseas Chinese”, “Negative List for Investment by Overseas Chinese – Prohibited and Restricted Industries for Investment by Overseas Chinese” and “Regulations for Verification of Investment by Overseas Chinese and Foreign Nationals”, and downloading the application form. 

  • Question:Is it necessary to attach a passport if the pre-inspection applicant is a foreign national?

    No passport is required.

  • Question:How to fill out the address if the pre-inspection applicant is a foreign national?

    Please fill out the residence address in Taiwan if a resident certificate received; otherwise, fill out the residing address in a foreign country if no resident certificate is received. 

  • Question:How to fill out the name and certificate number of the applicant, if pre-inspection applicant is a foreign national?

    The name of applicant may be filled out in either or both of Chines and English. The column of identification card number may be filled out by either the resident certificate number or passport number. 

  • Question:What kinds of company registrations are required to attach the approval letter from the Investment Commission, MOEA?

    The company established by investment of overseas Chinses and foreign nationals, and the addition to business line, capital increase, issue of new shares (except for capitalization of capital reserve, and capitalization of earnings) subscribed by overseas Chinese and foreign nationals of the company invested by overseas Chinese and foreign nationals are required to obtain approval letter from the Investment Commission, MOEA, and then apply for relevant registration with the competent authority of company registration. 

  • Question:How to inquire the basic information on the company registration and the progress of the application?

    You may access the website of Commerce Industrial Service Portal. Inquiry path: Commerce Industrial Inquiry Services – Company Registration Inquiry. Then you will have the basic information on the company or the progress of the company case.