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Information :2020 Data Innovation Competition Register by 5pm, 3/16(Mon)!

Information :2020 Data Innovation Competition Register by 5pm, 3/16(Mon)!

📌2020 Data Innovation Competition📌

Register by 5pm, 3/16(Mon)!

Whether you are a student,

a startup, or a company team,

The competition is open to EVERYONE!



Give your brilliant solution ideas for the

FIVE ISSUES mentioned below:

Economic Data Application

Check the data at "themed open data service website"

maintained by the Ministry of Economic Affairs,

and combine its data with other ministry’s data to

develop various applications.

Community Elderly Long-distance

Support Service and National Health Promotion

Promote long-distance support service and

community long-term care and national health

by using cross-ministerial data.

Culture Data Innovation

Use the image/sound/text data from the national

cultural memory data pool to showcase local culture

memory or promote culture industry.

Interior Big Data Application

Use demographic simulation data and SEGIS to find out

solutions with support by AWS cloud tools!.

Campus Meteorological Multi-application Group

Use the data published by the Central Weather Bureau

to think about campus meteorological information

service and meteorological education.

👉 Registration link:

👉 Detailed description of the topics of each group:

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